.......Recent publications and preprints loosely organized by topic. For the complete list, see my Google Scholar page.......

Randomized linear algebra:

  • Sharp Analysis of Sketch-and-Project Methods via a Connection to Randomized Singular Value Decomposition
    ... Michal Derezinski, Elizaveta Rebrova
    ... submitted, arXiv:2208.09585
  • On Block Accelerations of Quantile Randomized Kaczmarz for Corrupted Systems of Linear Equations
    ... Lu Cheng, Benjamin Jarman, Deanna Needell, Elizaveta Rebrova
    ... submitted, arXiv:2206.12554
  • Quantile-based Iterative Methods for Corrupted Systems of Linear Equations
    ... J. Haddock, D. Needell, E. Rebrova, W. Swartworth
    ... SIMAX, Vol. 43, No. 2, pp. 605--637, arXiv:2009.08089 and journal versions
  • On block Gaussian sketching for the Kaczmarz method
    ... E. Rebrova, D. Needell
    ... Numerical Algorithms 86 (1), 443-473, or arXiv:1905.08894
  • Sketching for Motzkin's iterative method for linear systems
    ... E. Rebrova, D. Needell
    ... Proc. 50th Asilomar Conf. on Signals, Systems and Computers, Pacific Grove, CA (2019), or arXiv:1912.00771

Random matrices and tensors:

  • Modewise Operators, the Tensor Restricted Isometry Property, and Low-Rank Tensor Recovery
    ... C. Husselby, M. Iwen, D. Needell, M. Perlmutter, E. Rebrova
    ... Applied Computational Harmonic Analysis, to appear, or arXiv:2109.10454
  • Lower Memory Oblivious (Tensor) Subspace Embeddings with Fewer Random Bits: Modewise Methods for Least Squares
    ... M. Iwen, D. Needell, E. Rebrova, A. Zare
    ... SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications (SIMAX), to appear, or arXiv:1912.08294
  • Constructive regularization of the random matrix norm
    ... E. Rebrova
    ... Journal of Theoretical Probability, 33(3), pp 1768-1790 (2020), or arXiv:1809.03926
  • Norms of random matrices: local and global problems
    ... E. Rebrova, R. Vershynin
    ... Advances in Mathematics, Vol. 324, pp 40–83 (2018), or arXiv:1608.06953
  • Coverings of random ellipsoids, and invertibility of matrices with i.i.d. heavy-tailed entries
    ... E. Rebrova, K. Tikhomirov
    ... Israel J. Math., Vol. 227(2), pp 507-544 (2018), or arXiv:1508.06690
  • Spectral Properties of Heavy-Tailed Random Matrices (PhD Thesis)
    ... E. Rebrova
    ... University of Michigan (2018), see full text and defense presentation

Matrix and tensor factorizations for machine learning:

  • Detecting short-lasting topics using Nonnegative Tensor Decomposition
    ... L. Kassab, A. Kryschenko, H.Lyu, D. Molitor, D. Needell, E. Rebrova
    ... submitted, arXiv:2010.01600
  • On A Guided Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
    ... J. Vendrow, J. Haddock, E. Rebrova, D. Needell
    ... Proc. ICASSP IEEE International Conf. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Proc. (2021), or arXiv:2010.11365
  • COVID-19 Literature Topic-Based Search via Hierarchical NMF
    ... R. Grotheer, K. Ha, L. Huang, Y. Huang, A. Kryshchenko, O. Kryshchenko, P. Li, X. Li, D. Needell, E. Rebrova
    ... Proc. NLP-COVID19-EMNLP (2020), or link
  • Analysis of Legal Documents via Non-negative Matrix Factorization Methods
    ...R. Budahazy, L. Cheng, Y. Huang, A. Johnson, P. Li, J. Vendrow, Z. Wu, D. Molitor, E. Rebrova, D. Needell
    ... arXiv:2104.14028

Scalable linear algebra for machine learning:

  • Scalable and Memory-Efficient Kernel Ridge Regression
    ... G. Chavez, E. Rebrova, Y. Liu, P. Ghysels and X.S.Li
    ... Proc. 34th IPDSP IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (2020), or link
  • A study of clustering techniques and hierarchical matrix formats for kernel ridge regression
    ... E. Rebrova, G. Chavez, Y. Liu, P. Ghysels and X.S.Li
    ... ParLearning (2018), or arXiv:1803.10274
  • A parallel hierarchical blocked adaptive cross approximation algorithm
    ... Y. Liu, W. Sid-Lakhdar, E. Rebrova, P. Ghysels and X.S.Li
    ... International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, to appear, or link