If you happen to look at my presentation slides or papers and see some typos or have questions, feel free to email me. I am very interested to know about them.:)

Quick links:

Presentation slides on my research:

Quantile-based Iterative Methods for Corrupted Systems of Linear Equations, Johns Hopkins, 02/2021
Modewise methods for tensor dimension reduction, February 2021
Sketching for Motzkin's method, Asilomar conference, 11/2019
Iterative linear solvers and random matrices: Block Gaussian sketch and project method, SOCAMS, 02/2019
Constructive regularization of the random matrix norm, GeorgiaTech, 03/2019
Regularization of the random matrix norm: local and global obstructions, NYU, 03/2017
Coverings of random ellipsoids, and invertibility of matrices with i.i.d. heavy-tailed entries, AMS, 03/2016

Expository Machine Learning talks at Berkeley Lab:

In July and August 2017 I led an introductory learning seminar in Machine Learning at Berkeley Lab.
The majority of the material that we covered was based on the slides and literature for this Stanford class.
Some additional materials I prepared for the convenience of presentation:
Unsupervised learning techniques: beyond clustering and PCA
Regularizations in linear regression: ridge, lasso, bridge, elastic net etc
Handwritten notes

Random matrices reading seminar at UCLA:

Since January 2019, I co-organize Random matrices reading seminar with Palina Salanevich.
Topics included:
  • Uncertainty principles on graphs (Winter term 2019)
  • Mathematics of neural networks (Spring term 2019)
  • Delocalization of eigenvectors of random matrices and graphs (Fall 2019, Reading list)

Some (old) expository talks:

(January 2017) Structured Random Matrices tutorial (on Ramon van Handel's survey)
Analysis/Probability Learning Seminar, abstracts: Part 1 and Part 2
(September 2016) Matrix regularizing effects of Gaussian perturbations
On Aizenman, Peled, Schenker, Shamis and Sodin's paper. Analysis/Probability Learning Seminar, abstract
(October 2015) Geometric random walks
Short exposition of Santosh Vempala survey. Student Analysis Seminar, abstract
(March 2015) The smallest singular value of random rectangular matrices with no moment assumptions on entries
On Konstantin Tikhomirov's paper. Analysis/Probability Learning Seminar, abstract
(March 2015) Small ball probabilities and an introduction to the Littlewood-Offord problem
Student Analysis Seminar, abstract
(November 2014) Cube slicings in R^n
Student Analysis Seminar, abstract

Geometric analysis reading seminar at UMichigan:

During 2014 and 2015, I gave several of talks on Geometric analysis reading seminar (topics included: contact points and John's theorem; Milman's quotient of subspace theorem and Bourgain-Milman inequality; Paouris’ deviation inequality, Banach-Mazur distance to the cube estimates)